Levitra is used to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) in men
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Drug Uses

When combined with sexual stimulation, Levitra increases blood flow to the penis to enable a man to achieve, and maintain, an erection for successful sexual intercourse.

How Taken

Levitra comes in tablet form to be taken orally about one hour prior to sexual activity. For best results there should be significant sexual stimulation. Do not use Levitra more than once a day. Levitra does not have to be taken with food.

Missed Dose

Levitra is used as required so this is not applicable.

More Information

Avoid Levitra if you take nitrates (used to relieve heart related chest pains) – this can cause serious side-effects. Avoid Levitra if you take alpha-blockers (prescribed for hypertension and prostrate problems). If Levitra is taken with alpha-blockers there may be a serious drop in blood pressure. Avoid using Levitra if you are allergic to any of its components. Avoid using Levitra if your doctor is of the opinion that sexual activity is a health risk. Levitra does not protect against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), nor does it prevent HIV Aids.