Keflex is used for treatment of certain bacterial infections. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.
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Keflex Information

Keflex is a type of cephalosporin antibiotic which is used to cure and treat the symptoms of various bacterial diseases. Basically, the most important ingredients of Keflex is known as cephalexin monohydrate.

Keflex comes under a cluster of drugs known as cephalosporin antibiotics. Cephalexin is the generic name of Keflex. The drug is prescribed for patients having bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, skin, ear and urinary tract.

Since Keflex is a type of antibiotic medication, hence, it cannot be used to treat and cure the symptoms of numerous viral diseases. It is only used to cure the symptoms of bacterial infections which are caused due to the propagation of the various bacteria cells.

We offer generic Keflex online, the capsules contain the same ingredients as this antibiotic with the brand name, but you don’t have to pay the high prices that brand name pharmaceuticals are usually sold for. You can get Keflex capsules that contain differing concentrations of Cephalexin for example: 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, or 750 mg. You can get Keflex from a reputable source online without a prescription, but you are advised to consult a doctor particularly if you have any health concerns or are taking other medications.

What Kind of Bacteria Does Keflex Treat?

Following are some of the crucial bacterial infections which are cured with the help of Keflex:

  • Bacterial infections regarding the respiratory system of an individual, which include the throat infections, chest infections, lung diseases as well as the inflation of the tonsils due to various bacterial cells
  • This medication is also known to treat and cure the symptoms of Sinusitis and other nasal problems
  • Apart from the above discussed bacterial infections, Keflex has also found its use in treating the symptoms of ear infection, which causes a problem in the audibility of a person
  • It is also used to cure the infections related to the epidermis and Outer skin
  • Last but not the least, Keflex is used to treat and cure the symptoms of numerous liver and kidney diseases, which are caused due to the presence of numerous bacterial cells.

To be precise, Keflex belongs to a drug family of antibiotics which are known as cephalosporin. Basically, this kind of antibiotic medications tends to work by eliminating the bacteria which are causing the various infections. They tend to cut off the source of nutrition for the bacteria which help them to grow and thus, by cutting off the source of the nutrition, they stop the growth of the bacteria.

From the point of view of a patient, it is very important that you have a clear idea about what are the specifications of this antibiotic medications. Hence, it is very important that when your doctor or physician prescribes you a medicine, you ask and query about each and every factor of this medication.

It is due to the fact that sometimes the doctors prescribe a medication which is too weak or too strong for the particular individual. Hence, it is advised by most of the pharmacists and other medical representatives that a person should know his or her medications and hence, should take an active interest while his or her doctor prescribes the particular medicine for them.

Although Keflex is a type of antibiotic medication, yet, there have been no such instances which could have cleared the fact that these kind of medications are addictive. Apart from this, Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America has also certified this medicine as a nonaddictive medication.

Precautions to take before consuming Keflex

It is very important that you take care of certain precautions before consuming a medication of Keflex. This is because since you are about to consume an antibiotic medication, there are plenty of chances that some of the other kind of side effects might emerge in your body and result into a very dangerous situation. Hence, it is advised by most of the doctors and physicians that a person should be aware of all the kind of symptoms and side effects which might emerge after the consumption of such antibiotic medication.

It is, thus, prescribed that if you have the following allergies, you should never consume or accept the medication of Keflex:

  • You should never take the medication of Keflex if you ever suffered from any kind of allergies related to the medications of cephalexin monohydrate;
  • Apart from these, Keflex is also restricted for the patients who have suffered an allergic reaction from other types of cephalosporin antibiotics apart from Keflex;
  • Again, if you are suffering from any other kind of symptoms which are mentioned in the leaflet of the medication, you should never consume Keflex.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, it is also suggested that if you are suffering from any kind of allergies related to the penicillin medications, then, you should not consume a medication treatment of Keflex. Some of the symptoms of allergic reaction which you might suffer from the treatment regimen of Keflex include shortness of breath, swelling on the lips, tongue and other parts of the face, excessive rashes, itching, wheezing, joint pains, tenderness on the bones and stiffness in the joints.

Cautions which should be followed before consuming a tablet of Keflex

It is very imperative that you inform your doctor about any kind of past medical problems which you might have had which you think might create problems for the entire treatment procedure of this kind of antibiotic medication.

Apart from this, you should also inform your doctor if you have any kind of allergic tendency towards any other medications or food items, preservatives or any other kind of dyes.

Apart from these, it is the prime responsibility of a patient that you inform your doctor or physician about some of the medical conditions which you might possess. Following are some of the medical conditions which a doctor should know before starting your treatment procedure of cephalosporin antibiotics:

  • Any kind of kidney diseases
  • Any previous medical history related to the diseases of the liver
  • Any kind of problems related to diarrhea or loose stool movements.

Can pregnant women consume Keflex?

Although there have not been such instances where the consumption of Keflex has formed the health of the pregnant women, yet, it has been advised by numerous doctors and physicians that it is better not to prescribe any kind of antibiotics with a hard concentration to the pregnant women. This is because the concentration and composition of this kind of antibiotic medications have a tendency to penetrate through the lactating glands and reach the breast milk of the mother so, when the mother feeds the child with her breast well, there is a high chance that the contents of the antibiotic medication might get into the body of the newborn baby and lead to some serious side effects in the baby.

What is Keflex Used to Treat?

Keflex is an effective drug prescribed for treating bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract, ear, skin infections and urinary tract.

Drug Uses

Belonging to a group of medicines known as cephalosporin antibiotics, Keflex kills the bacteria in the body.

How Taken

Always take Keflex according to the doctor's prescription. The drug can be taken in empty stomach and also with food. It is advised not to go for larger doses or to use the drug for long periods unless asked by your physician. Moreover, the drug should not be stopped in the middle of a dosage as it can only lead to a relapse of the infections.

Missed dose/overdose

Maintain discipline while taking the doses. Never miss any dose and in case a dose is missed, take it as you remember it. But never take the missed one if it is time for your regular dosage. Never mix two doses of keflex.

In case you think of having taking an overdose, contact your doctor without any delay. Nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and blood in urine are some of the overdose symptoms.

More information

You should have to frankly tell your doctor about all your health conditions, including your diseases and all your allergic reactions. This will help the doctor to take an appropriate decision on the prescription to be prescribed.

You should have to tell the doctor if you are allergic to any substance, food or any medicine. If you have any allergies to any beta–lactam antibiotics or penicillin, inform your doctor.

If you have any liver or kidney diseases, blood clotting problems and heart diseases, you should have to tell the doctor.

If you are pregnant or hoping to conceive soon, take keflex with caution. Discuss with your physician about all the risks and complications of using the drug during pregnancy. As Keflex drug is seen in breast milk, mothers should avoid feeding while taking the drug.


Certain drugs are known to interact with Keflex. So you have to tell the doctor about all the medications, including prescriptive and non- prescriptive drugs that you are taking.

Avoid bleeding and bruising while taking Keflex as the medicine is known to lower the clotting ability.

Before you go for any lab test, you should have to inform the lab technician and the doctor that you are on Keflex medication, as the drug is known to interact with certain lab tests. If the drug is administered to children below 10 years, you should have to be very cautious.

Do not mix alcohol with Keflex as it only increases the risk of side effects.

Side effects

Some of the allergic reactions that can be experienced while taking Keflex are swelling, hives and difficult breathing.

The serious side effects include diarrhea (watery/bloody), seizure, fever, headache, sore throat, yellowed skin/eyes, dark colored urine, confusion, easy bruising, unusual weakness, agitation and urinating less.

Lesser-known side effects include mild nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, joint pain, tired feeling vaginal itching and vaginal discharge.


Keflex comes under a cluster of drugs known as cephalosporin antibiotics. Cephalexin is the generic name of Keflex. The drug is prescribed for patients having bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, skin, ear and urinary tract.

Once the medicine is prescribed, a patient should have to use it as long as it is prescribed. Even if the symptoms get better after initial usage, the infection may not be completely cured. If a person stops in the middle of a treatment, there is a possibility that the infections may relapse. A person having infections should also stick n to the prescription. An overdose of Keflex is not good for the body as it may lead to many side effects. One more thing that has to be noted is that Keflex is not given for infections of the virus.

Cephalexin is not given for persons having allergies to the drug and other antibiotics like Ceclor, Duricef, Cefzil, Spectracef, Ceftin, Omnicef, Fortaz and Suprax. The drug has to be taken with caution by persons having intestinal disorder, stomach problems, liver diseases and kidney issues. In these circumstances, the doctor may change the drug or change the dosage. A doctor will be able to prescribe the right Keflex dosage only if he is completely aware of a person's medical history.

Some drugs are known to act together interact with Keflex. A person using metformin, Probenecid and Anticoagulants should not go for Keflex as it leads to an increased side effect. Though cephalexin is not known to cause harm to the unborn babe, pregnant women should only take the drug after detailed discussion with the doctor. Breast-feeding mothers should discard the medicine as the drug is traced in breast milk, which could harm the newborn babe.

It is also said that a second infection can occur in persons using Keflex medicines for a long time. It is possible that the doctor may change the drug in this situation. If diabetes persons use the drug, there is a chance that the test results may not be accurate. Moreover, the drug is known to alter other lab tests. So it is good if the lab technician knows about a person's Keflex medication.

In some persons, it has been seen that Cephalexin causes diarrhoea. If this happens, it is advised not to self-treat the condition as it can lead to other complications. One should have to seek the doctor's advise in controlling diarrhoea. .

As like all drugs, Keflex is also not free from he side effects. One can experience severe and less side effects after taking Keflex. The severe side effects are fever, diarrhea, seizure, sore throat, headache, peeling, skin rashes, yellowed skin, confusion, dark urine, bruising, unusual weakness, agitation, confusion, hallucinations and less urination.

The mild Keflex side effects include nausea, vomiting, tired feeling, dizziness, pain in the joints, vaginal itching and vaginal discharge. Though the side effects that come with Keflex are not that major, it should have to be addressed at the earliest.