Clomid belongs to the SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) group of drugs.
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Drug Uses

Clomid is used to treat female infertility, as well as a number of other conditions as determined by a doctor.

How Taken

Clomid should be taken in strict accordance with a doctor’s directions. Clomid does not have to be taken with food. For best results, sexual intercourse should be planned to coincide with ovulation. Ovulation usually occurs between 5-10 days after a dose of Clomid. If a woman has not fallen pregnant after three treatments of Clomid, the drug should not be continued. In this case, consult your doctor about other methods.

Missed Dose

Contact your doctor if you miss a dose of Clomid.

More Information

Side-effects of Clomid include vision problems (blurring, flashes and spots), lightheadedness and dizziness. In the early stages of use, do not drive or perform any potentially dangerous tasks in case of an adverse reaction. The side-effects may intensify if Clomid is used in conjunction with alcohol and other medications. Clomid has been known to cause multiple pregnancies (more than one fetus, e.g. twins, triplets etc) so it is important to discuss this possibility with your doctor. Clomid should only be taken by the person for whom it was prescribed. Clomid is not to be used for any other medical condition.