Buspar is used to treat a variety of anxiety disorders.
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Drug Uses

Buspar is an effective treatment for disorders associated with anxiety such as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and panic attacks. The drug works by correcting chemical imbalances in the brain. Doctors prescribe Buspar for a number of other medical conditions.

How Taken

Buspar should be taken with food to avoid stomach upsets. The patient usually reports an improvement in their condition within the first 10 days of treatment. However, it may take up to four weeks for the full benefits to be experienced.

Missed Dose

If a dose is missed, it can be taken as soon as you remember, as long as it does not clash with the next scheduled dose. In this case, rather skip the missed dose. Never take a double dose.

More Information

A side-effect of Buspar is dizziness which may worsen if taken in conjunction with alcohol and other medications. Buspar is to be used with caution. Avoid driving and performing any potentially dangerous tasks in the early stages of dosage in case you have an adverse reaction to Buspar. If symptoms persist, or worsen, contact your doctor immediately. Buspar should be taken only by the person for whom it was prescribed. Never increase or decrease the dosage without first consulting a doctor.


Before using Buspar, ensure that your doctor is aware of your medical history. Your doctor should also be aware of any of the following conditions: allergies to medication or food, as well as liver or kidney disorders. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to fall pregnant, should discuss the risks of using Buspar with the doctor. If a woman falls pregnant while using Buspar, the doctor should be immediately informed. It is not yet known if Buspar is excreted into breast milk so you will also need to discuss this with your doctor. Buspar may react adversely when taken with other medication; therefore tell your doctor which medicines you are using – these include herbal and over-the-counter remedies as well as dietary supplements.